paintings prints and photographs by sue room

The North Sea: flowing into the Humber estuary flowing into Trent bringing barges and ships from Hull and Europe on neap tides to inland wharves and jetties. Constantly changing light from huge skies easterly winds whipping at sea defences. Tunnels, channels, boats and castles built of hard coastal sand decorated with starfish, shells and stones. These childhood memories are used to inspire my paintings prints and photographs of the East Anglian coast and Venice.

The Suffolk coast: in constant change due to the rising sea, eroding and revealing a new coastline, reclaiming inland drifts of marshland and creeks. Scudding skies, boardwalks, boatyards, jetties, huts, pebbles and beaches.

Venice: a sculptural puzzle of a city, built on over one hundred islands, a labyrinth of alleyways and canals connected by bridges and boats; a city that is constantly shifting the visual perspective with reflections, shadows, texture and light, in its crumbling glory. Sea change.

Sue Room (2009).

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Sue Room is exhibiting works inspired by Venice and the Suffolk coast at:

XHIBIT @ South Bedfordshire Council Offices

Priory House

Monks Walk


SG17 5TQ

From the 26th November 2009 14th January 2010

Open Weekdays Only

My work can now be seen on a regular basis at the Eagle Artists Gallery based in Castle Road, Bedford. Please visit their website for more information:

Bedfordshire Artist's Network also promotes artist's work in the county and can be viewed on: